South Indian Medicine Combats Covid 19

In the midst of the world seeking scientific answers, antidotes, and vaccines that may come with unknown side effects, some doctors in south India are turning to their traditional ancient medicinal remedies in Tamil Nadu, India for what already seems to be working magic. It is called Siddha medicine and it has worked to help 6,000 patients manage both asymptomatic or mild symptoms of Covid 19 positive patients.

This natural Indian herb is called, a herbal remedy regarded as an immune booster and capable of combating viral infections, to be included in an integrated approach.

One of the major factors to fight Covid is a strong immune system and a healthy diet. In this particular herbal treatment also includes a diet of Thinai Pongal (a dish made with foxtail millet), Thuthuvalai thukaiyal (Solanum Trilobatum) a medicinal plant food to address respiratory problems and Vazahaipoo poriyal (made with banana blossoms).

G. Sivaraman, a Siddha practitioner and managing director of Arogya Healthcare, who attended the meeting said that kabasura kudineer was never suggested as a drug to prevent or cure COVID-19. According to him, the drug, prepared from 15 herbs and spices, has long been used in Siddha for treating pneumonia-like symptoms that lead to severe complications including respiratory issues.

He said that the suggestion made during the meeting was to use this as a complementary drug for two groups of people — those who are highly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to contacts or travel history and to those who are asymptomatic but have tested positive for COVID-19. “We suggested trying this and clearly documenting the outcomes that will help us further our research in using this in the future for COVID-19,” he said, adding that China has also been trying its traditional medicine in treating COVID-19.“

As we move more closer to the technocratic society with more emphasis on “experts” and “science”, what truly works during these emergency times will be bought and paid for to assist in profit making as opposed to simply helping people when they need it most. However, Allopathic and Naturopathic medicine should be working synergistically and should be utilized by people who can freely to decide what path will work best for them without discrimination or mockery. All individuals who test positive for Covid have varying symptoms and it is always important to remember nature can give us the cure for long term management of many sickness’s. Whether or not it works for everyone, if it works for many, we must give gratitude.

Any herb or modality that is regarded as being an immune booster can be recognized as preventative and sickness management. Immune system boosters contain properties that remove inflammation, detoxify cells, carry bad bacteria’s and virus materials out of the body for a smooth recovery. Since it is true that humans live with pathogens inside and outside the body, we must always remember that disease and recovery is part of our human story.



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N.R. Chadani

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